Nawodaya Special Children’s foundation is always open to students, any child with special needs who needs our services. The children do not need to “qualify”, they have to simply need it. The students do not have to ‘’fit into” the classes, the classes and programs are made to meet the student’s need.

To support parents in their growing understanding of their children’s needs and abilities, and in their quest for the best learning environment for their children, our effort and goal is to expose the students to all of the learning experiences that form part of all early childhood, to primary, middle to adult stages of life.

We offer structured sessions where we help the children in all their development activities through a series of actions including self help, outdoor play, story time, craft & activity time, music and dancing, where our emphasis is on sensory and vestibular stimulation, language and cognitive stimulation to develop their mental and communication skills, fine and large motor skills to improve movement, social skills and behavioural modification for sense of order, independence, concentration and responsibility


  • Increasing vocabulary
  • Learning writing, reading, math, environmental studies
  • Learning about themselves, each other, their families, homes, community and the world
  • Learning how to get along with adults and other children
  • Learning to share when appropriate and to assert themselves when needed
  • Learning to solve problems effectively and fairly
  • Learning to communicate their needs, wants and ideas effectively and appropriately
  • Learning to express themselves through a variety of musical experiences, art and play materials
  • Learning about their own bodies and how to move through space
  • Developing self-confidence, body strength and coordination through recreational therapy and outdoor play opportunities
  • Participating in concerts, trips for exposure to concrete experiences corresponding with teaching units
  • Developing good school and learning behaviors such as paying attention, sitting still, taking turn, following directions, respecting authority etc
  • Building self-esteem
  • Making hand crafts

Therapeutic Intervention

In addition to the educational program, we offer therapeutic intervention to build on their strengths.  It is individualized and facilitated through input from licensed and qualified speech and language therapist, physical therapists, occupational therapists and early childhood specialists.

Other Activities

  • Religious, sports and cultural activities
  • Distribution of assistive devices
  • Integrating children with special needs into their family and community.
  • Integrating children to the normal stream of education where possible.

Teachers/ Staff

Qualified and trained teachers from National Institute of Education, Sumaga Training Centre, Lanka Bible College, The open university of Sri Lanka.